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A/B Testing

A/B Testing

There are numerous variables involved in any PPC or marketing campaigns. Aside from keyword selections, bids on prices, demographic and geographic choices, the layout, theme and content of websites also play critical roles in the conversion process. This is especially true for ecommerce sites.

So how do you determine whether your entire setup works? By conducting rigorous and continuous A/B or multivariate testing.


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What is A/B and Multivariate Testing?

Do you like the colour pink? Would you click on a pink Buy Now button? No? What about your wife? Would she have any concerns about clicking a pink Buy Now button? What about your neighbour and colleagues in the office? What if we change the colour of the button to red? Do you think more of them will start clicking the red Buy Now button?

This is essentially A/B and multivariate testing, which are ultimately designed to increase conversion rates. While A/B tests are limited to just two variables, multivariate tests can involve as many elements as required (though this will require a significantly higher volume of traffic).

Using an automated setup, website visitors are served different versions of a website, and their responses are then gauged. With enough variation and sufficient sample size, these tests will be able to help you eliminate any weaknesses from your website.

However, the tests are not one-off processes. They are meant to be conducted continuously, and should involve everyone in the company since the tests are obviously not limited to just button colours. Multivariate and A/B tests are used to strengthen every aspect of websites, from content to images and layouts.

In fact, some tests will result in companies creating multiple webpages to cater to traffic from different regions, traffic source or demographic.

At Cyberglass, we utilise numerous testing software to help our clients’ websites reach maximum efficiency. Depending on the size of the website, traffic volume and test complexity, we may choose between client-side solutions like Google Optimize 360, Omniconvert and Accenture Omni-Channel Testing Platform, or server-side software like ClickThroo and Adobe Target.

Either way, we aim to maximise your profit.