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Analytics is the discipline of collating, analysing and quantifying the traffic data of websites using asynchronous trackers found on various commercial and proprietary applications. Through analytics, we are able to determine the volume and source of traffic, visitors’ browsing behaviour and page flow, and, perhaps most importantly, determine triggers behind completed call-to-actions.

At Cyberglass, our team of ecommerce specialists use analytics to help our customers leverage their digital properties to generate higher revenues and increase return of marketing investments (ROMI).

How can analytics technologies and data help websites and businesses?

Analytics helps webmasters understand the source of traffic, be it from organic searches, links referrals or social media. In the absence of analytics, businesses will not be able to craft targeted SEO and/or marketing campaigns and would likely waste financial resources on poor keywords and non-engaging content. As a result, traffic generation becomes a guessing game, which will lead to white elephant websites with poor conversion rates.

Analytics also helps identify strong and weak points of websites through a range of data which include landing and exit pages, keywords, geographic location and many other data points. Analytics data will demonstrate the average time customers spend on specific pages and pages which potential customers subsequently navigate to, as well as effective call-to-actions.

In isolation, these data points are nothing more than interesting trivia. However, taken as a whole, analytics gives a comprehensive and crucial overview of website traffic.

Analytics Technologies

  • We help companies establish presence on various social media platforms
  • Web traffic analysis: We rely primarily on Google Analytics to analyse traffic data. While there are other powerful competing solutions, such as Statcounter, Piwik and Mixpanel, Google Analytics’ inbuilt integration with AdWords and AdSense enhances its appeal. However, we regularly use second-level analytics to improve our data collection.
  • Lifecycle Analytics: To analyse and understand browsing behaviour and flow, especially for large-scale, enterprise-level operation, we use customised software such as Omniture Genesis and IBM Coremetrics which offers, among others, real-time customer metrics.
  • Since mobile devices now account for almost half of internet traffic, it makes sense to use software solution designed exclusively to monitor usage on mobile platforms using mobile applications. Amazon Mobile Analytics, with its ground breaking in-app behaviour tracker feature, is our software of choice.

Obviously, these are just a sampling of the analytics software used at Cyberglass. Businesses, products and services rarely fit into a mould. As such, we will evaluate the needs of each of our customers on a case-by-case basis.