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User Experience

User Experience

User experience ultimately determines the effectiveness of any website. A positive user experience translates into longer browsing length which directly correlates with the number of call-to-actions completed, be it making a purchase, signing for a subscription, or following a sales funnel.

But just what exactly constitutes user experience? At Cyberglass, we believe positive user experience boils down to ease of navigation and engaging content, which are mainly influenced by the following five factors:

Site Usability

Optimised web pages using the latest codes, technology, responsive web design and load time (page weight) ensure accessibility to all devices, regardless of brand, platform, operating systems and browsers. If users can’t use your site, they will leave immediately. There is nothing worse than losing hard-earned traffic to poor site usability. A high bounce rate is the red flag that every business should pay attention to.

Visual Clarity

The impact that themes, colours, font and other visual elements have on visitors continues to be underappreciated by many. There is proven science behind the selection of fonts, page layouts, colour combinations and image selections. Did you know that the colour and location of buy or checkout buttons affects the buying decisions of various demographic groups differently? Did you know that the choice of fonts and typefaces can significantly influence readers’ perception?

Intuitive and Structured Navigation

Creating and implementing a logical hierarchy of pages not only creates a closing funnel, it also enables smooth navigation and intuitive browsing for visitors. Amazon’s tab navigation structure may appear obvious and ordinary to many now (because it’s been copied to death by tens of thousands of businesses), but when it was first launched, it was the best thing since sliced bread.

Search Functionality

Increasingly, prospective customers are depending on thematic search functionality to search for products. The ability the search and filter results according to attributes is crucial for businesses with medium to large product catalogues. This feature though requires advanced and ongoing database and data entry categorisations (e.g. size, location, SKU, price, etc.).


What better way to make visitors feel at home other than to call them by their first name? Perhaps a list of page accessed on earlier visits? Maybe an auto-curated list of products based on previous navigation and search history? Or even, discount codes for categories previously purchased from?

At Cyberglass, our website design process takes serious consideration on how it would affect the user experience of your potential customers. This is what sets us (and eventually, you) apart from the crowd.